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Admiral Freebee

Wake Up And Dream (CD)

Wake Up And Dream (CD)

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No trip to America for studio album number 6. ‘Wake Up And Dream’ (2016) was recorded in his own backyard, with his own band and in his own production. The musicians were even told they would just be recording some demos, and that’s evident: songs like Wake Up And Dream and Let It Shine are all spontaneity and joy of playing. And the mischievous kid on the cover? The Admiral himself, of course. 


1. Wake Up And Dream
2. Let It Shine
3. Hesitation
4. Buddy
5. Let’s Plan A Miracle
6. Bad Year For Rock’n Roll (Pt. 2)
7. Getting Ready For Luck
8. The Easy Way In (Kim Basinger)
9. Maybe This Is The End
10. Too Much Of Everything


Geen trip naar Amerika voor studioalbum nummer 6, ‘Wake Up And Dream’ (2016) is opgenomen in eigen streek, met eigen band en deze keer ook in eigen productie. De muzikanten dachten dat ze “maar wat demo’s” zouden opnemen, en dat hoor je: de spontaniteit en speelvreugde spatten van nummers als Wake Up And Dream en Let It Shine. En die guitige knul op de hoes? Da’s de Admiraal, natuurlijk.

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